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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Come Out // Fight Me

This one's kind of a snippet, but I wanted to write a class that uses the flip mechanic before the rest of the gretchsphere moves on from the idea.

Come Out // Fight Me: The Monster Slayer (GLOG Class: Fighter)

Monsters can't be fought with ordinary weapons. Well, I mean, they can, but it's a mistake. Monsters don't fight in ordinary ways, and if you want to match them you can't either.

+1 HP and Save per template.

  1. You have a flip weapon of some kind (such as the CRASH // LASH, below), are proficient with it. You can use the abilities that cause it to flip from one state to another.
  2. You never mistake the signs of a monster's presence for something a natural creature would leave.
  3. You can rescue someone within reach from an attack by throwing yourself in its way. You always take half damage (no roll or save) from the attack and can't do this again until after you flip your weapon.
  4. Whenever you're fighting a creature that will hurt someone else if you don't stop it, your weapon damage explodes.


  • CRASH. An iron rod with an iron fist at the end. As a mace, but when you deal maximum damage your foe is knocked down or back a few steps (their choice) and the weapon flips to LASH.
  • LASH. A chain whip ending in an iron claw shaped like a human hand. As a whip (an awkward weapon), but if you successfully disarm, entangle or trip a foe with it you pull them to you or you to them (their choice), deal the higher of two d6s of damage, and the weapon flips to CRASH.

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